The “Beit Israel”

The “Beit Israel” community was founded in 1994. Since the first days of existence our community chose its’ objective – return of Jews to their roots. During the years of unbelief in which life of several generations of Jews has passed, the majority of them have almost lost the feeling of national self-identification.

News of the community


Мазаль тов!


Мероприятие к Международному дню памяти жертв Холокоста

24 января в д. Поречье пройдет мероприятие, посвященное памяти узников гетто и Праведников Мира.


В синагоге прошел детский ханукальный концерт

Ханукальный концерт учащихся детской воскресной школы "Школа бабушки Эты"


Евреи Беларуси празднуют Хануку

Ханука – праздник света и огня


Зачем строить шалаш в Суккот?

Сукка - главный символ праздника

Holidays’ calendar


The warming house “Beit Israel”

Our community is called “Beit Israel”.

In the holy language these words mean “The House of Israel”.

And our community is indeed a warming Jewish house.

We celebrate holidays and Saturdays together.

The man needs a family. A family is a father and a mother, as well as grandfather and a grandmother. Often a family is a wife and a husband and children, of course. As well a company where you are accepted as you are and where no obligations or conditions are required can be considered as a family. The Jews of Minsk have another family apart from their relatives. A family where they are always expected and welcomed at any time.

Outdoors the weather is bad – it is raining or the wind is stormy. Or snow sweeps. And you walk into the synagogue at Daumana street... The door closes after you and you' are at home, where it is cold and chilly behind the wall, and warm inside and Jews are sitting at the table and make jokes. Or play chess. And tell you: “Come in, come in. Didn’t you get wet? Today we have pancakes with mushrooms, your favorite”!

Come down to us!!!

Tel:  +375 29 6760747(Velcom)

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Prayer schedule

Day Shacharit Minha Maariv
Sunday 8:30  14:00
Monday 7:00/8:30 14:00  
Tuesday 8:30 14:00 20:00
Wednesday 8:30
Thursday 7:00/8:30 14:00  
Friday 8:30 16:20 17:00 
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